I am an Operations Research PhD student at the H. Milton Stewart School of Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISyE) at Georgia Institute of Technology. I am grateful to be advised by Professors Renato Monteiro and Anton Kleywegt, and quite fortunate to collaborate and learn from Dr. Arkadi Nemirovski.

My research interests lie broadly in theory, algorithms and applications of stochastic and nonlinear programming. I am interested in methods and applications involving statistical inference via convex optimization and distributionally robust optimization.

Prior to beginning my PhD, I graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology with focuses in Economics and Mathematics. I also pursued MS degrees in Maths, Statistics, and Economics while as undergrad through BS/MS.

I am grateful for the generous financial support provided by the National Science Foundation GRFP, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Georgia Tech ISyE, and GEM PhD Fellowship.

  • I am proud to have presented my research on hybrid low rank methods for large-scale Semidefinite Programming in the ISyE PhD research seminar at Georgia Tech. (Feb 2024)

  • I will be attending the 2024 INFORMS Optimization Society (IOS) conference in Houston, Texas from March 22nd-24th. Feel free to connect, especially if we share similar interests! (Oct 2023)

  • I will be attending the 2023 INFORMS conference in Phoenix, Arizona to share some of my recent work. Feel free to connect, I'd be happy to meet! (May 2023)

  • I am happy to announce that I won the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship. (Apr 2023)

  • I was given a prestigious Stewart Fellowship for my first-year PhD studies at Georgia Tech. Thank you to the ISyE department for this generous support! (Feb 2023)

  • I am happy to be an incoming Research Fellow at Oak Ridge National Laboratory for Summer 2023. (Jan 2023)

  • I have graduated from Georgia Tech with my undergrad degrees! Thank you to Professors Daniel Dench and Gian-Gabriel Garcia for being fantastic research advisors and role models for me. (Dec 2022)

  • I am proud to recieve a Full PhD Fellowship from the GEM Consortium for my studies at Georgia Institute of Technology. (Nov 2022)

  • I will be giving presentations on my recent work with Dr. Daniel Dench entitled "The Effects of EVALI Crisis on Youth and Adult Usage of E-cigarettes: Evidence from PATH" at the Southern Economic Association Annual Meeting in Fort Lauderdale and American Economics Association Annual Meeting in New Orleans. Feel free to reach out! (Nov 2022)

  • I was named a Presidential Undergraduate Research Fellow and Summer Research Fellow at Georgia Tech! Along with generous financial support, I will be working with Dr. Gian-Gabriel Garcia in ISyE on topics related to Medical Decision Making and Stochastic Optimization! (May 2022)

  • I will give a talk on E-cigarettes and the effects of EVALI at a seminar organized by the University of Virginia. Thanks for the invite! (April 2022)

  • Office: CODA E1174M & ISyE Main 341
    You can also spot me at any of the various coffee shops around campus ☕️
    Email: lastname [at] gatech [dot] edu
    Twitter: @JacobMAguirre