(Major) Convex Optimization theory and algorithms with specific interests in: More recently, I've also taken a keen interest on the following:

  • Çaglar Çaglayan, Yunan Liu, Turgay Ayer, et al. Physician staffing in emergency rooms (ERs): Opening the black-box of ER care via a multi-class multi-stage network. (Under revision at Management Science.)

  • Renato D.C. Monteiro, Jacob M. Aguirre, Anton J. Kleywegt. A Primal-Dual Hybrid Frank-Wolfe Method for Large-Scale Linear Programs. (Work in progress)
  • Xinchao Liu, Jacob M. Aguirre, Xiao Liu. Optimal Compressed Sensing Dynamic Mode Decomposition for In-Situ Large-scale Dataset.* (Under revisions)
  • Jacob M. Aguirre, Renato D.C. Monteiro, Anton J. Kleywegt. Accelerated Inexact High-order Proximal-Point methods for Convex Tensor Optimization. (Work in progress)
  • Jacob M. Aguirre. On Complexity of Tropical Ideals and Generic Semidefinite Program. Preprint here.
  • Jacob Aguirre, Shrey Patel, Ruirui Ma. A Review of High Dimensional Nonlinear Dimension Reduction Methods Undergrad course paper